2 Core Shielded Cable

300/500V IEC 60227 Flexible conductor, PVC insulated, PVC Outer Jacket,H05VV-F PVC Control Cable Structure Figure 1.Standard The control cable can also be produced according to the standard IEC60227,BS,GB9330-1988 and our factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other...
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Product Details

2 core shielded cable/2 core cable/2 core power cable

Product Description

2 core shielded cable/2 core cable/2 core power cable


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• Sample free                   • 100% pure copper                  • 100% virgin cable compound  

• Fast delivery time          • Reasonable price                    • More than 20 years experience    


Application and Standard:

(1)The flex PVC insulated electrical cable can be produced and provided according to standard IEC60227,BS6004,BS6005.

(2)The flex PVC insulated electrical cable belong to the series of laying wires,which are mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places.They are widesly used as connectors of driving,lighting,electric equipments,instrument and telecommunication equipments with rated voltage to 450/750V.Part of the plastic wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage upto 300/500V.


Working condition:

(1)The flex PVC insulated electrical cable working temperature is different according to different insulation materials, mainly 70 and 90 degrees temperature, etc.

(2)Enviroment temperature of laying should be not less than 0℃

(3)Rated voltage U0/U is 450/750V,300/300V,300/350V  



(1)According to the conductor type, including solid conductor PVC insulated electrical wire cable, standed PVC insulated wire cable, Flexible PVC insulated wire cable with different colors.

(2)According to its shape, including flat wire cable, round wire cable, etc. with different colors.

(3)Accoding to its core number, including single core wire cable, multi-core wires cables , etc. with different colors.


Cable Structure:

Factory Supply 300V Flex 1.5 mm2 2.5 sq mm Single or 2 Core Shielded Cable Wire Price Per Meter

 Type and Specification:

Factory Supply 300V Flex 1.5 mm2 2.5 sq mm Single or 2 Core Shielded Cable Wire Price Per Meter

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60227IEC01(BV)cable with hard single conductor,without sheath for general purpose
60227IEC02(RV)cable with soft single conductor,without sheath for general purpose

cable with solid single conductor,without sheath at 70℃ of conductor temperature

 for interior wiring


cable with soft single conductor ,without sheath at 70℃ of conductor temperature

 for interior wiring


cable with solid single conductor ,without sheath at 90℃ of conductor temperature 

for interior wiring


cable with soft single conductor ,without sheath at 90℃ of conductor temperature 

for interior wiring

60227IEC10(BVV)light type with PVC sheath
60227IEC52(RVV)light type soft wire with PVC sheath

common soft wire with PVC sheath

soft cable with oil-proof and shielding ,PVC sheath 
60227IEC75(RVVY)soft cable with oil-proof and non-shielding ,PVC sheath 
BVwire with copper core,PVC insulation
BLVwire with al core PVC sheath
BVRsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation
BVVround cable with al core,PVC insulation
BLVVround type cable with copper core,PVC insulation
BVVBflat type cable with cu core,PVC insulation
BLVVBflat type cable with al core,PVC insulation
RVSsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation,stranding and connection
RVBsoft wire with PVC insulation,flat without sheath
RVVsoft cable with PVC insulation and PVC sheath
RVPsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation and shielding
RVP-90soft wire with cu core heating-resisting 90℃,PVC insulation and shielding
RVVPsoft cable with cu core,PVC insulation and shielding,PVC sheath

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