5x6mm2 Electrical Cable

300/500V IEC 60227 Flexible conductor, PVC insulated, PVC Outer Jacket,H05VV-F PVC Control Cable Structure Figure 1.Standard The control cable can also be produced according to the standard IEC60227,BS,GB9330-1988 and our factory can also manufacture the cables in accordance with other...
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5x6mm2 electrical cable/5x6 cable/5x6mm2 electric cable

Product Description

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5x6mm2 electrical cable/5x6 cable/5x6mm2 electric cable


Item:       low voltage 5x6mm2 electrical cable with PVC insulation


The full name of H05VV-F/RVV is Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable,  commonly known as Soft-sheathed cable, is one kind of sheathed cable. H05V-F/RVV wire and cable is consisted of two or even more H07V-K/RV lines plus one jacket outside.


ModelH07VV-F/ NYYHY  .


VV means PVC insulation and sheath,R means flexible,05 means voltage is 300/500V.




number of cores*section-area of each core(sq mm)


2×0.50, 3×0.50,4×0.50,5×0.50,6×0.50,7×0.50,8×0.50,10×0.50,12×0.50,18×0.50,25×0.50,36×0.50.
2×0.75, 3×0.75,4×0.75,5×0.75,6×0.75,7×0.75,8×0.75,10×0.75,12×0.75,18×0.75,25×0.75,36×0.75.
2×1.0,   3×1.0,  4×1.0,   5×1.0,  6×1.0,  7×1.0,   8×1.0,  10×1.0,   12×1.0,  18×1.0,  25×1.0,   36×1.0.
2×1.5,   3×1.5,  4×1.5,   5×1.5,  6×1.5,  7×1.5,   8×1.5,  10×1.5,   12×1.5,  18×1.5,  25×1.5,   36×1.5.
2×2.5,   3×2.5,  4×2.5,   5×2.5,  6×2.5,  7×2.5,   8×2.5,  10×2.5,   12×2.5,  18×2.5,  25×2.5,   36×2.5.
2×4.0    3×4.0,  4×4.0,   5×4.0,               7×4.0.
2×6.0    3×6.0,  4×6.0,   5×6.0,               7×6.0.
2×10     3×10.   4×10.    5×10.0.
2×16     3×16    4×16.    5×16.0.
2×25     3×25    4×25.    5×25.0.
2×36     3×36    4×36.0  5×36.0.


Section-area of conductor:0.5 sq mm,0.75 sq mm,1 sq mm,1.5 sq mm,2.5 sq mm,4 sq mm,6 sq mm,10 sq mm,16 sq mm,25 sq mm.


Product Structure: Conductor + Insulation+sheath.Oxygen-free pure copper conductors + PVC Insulation+PVC sheath.composed by multi-strand annealed copper cable,PVC insulation and sheath.

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Implementation of the standards:  GB/T5023.5-2008


Quality Standard: CCC,CE,ROhs,SGS,ISO 9001 certifications.


Rated voltage:300/500V 


 Soaked one hour, Wire subjected to alternating current  50Hz 250V (450 / 750V), 2000V (300 / 500V) voltage test 5 minutes without breakdown.


Operating temperature: normal operating temperature does not exceed the maximum 70 ℃.


Color: color of sheath:black,  white;color of insulation yellow-green,blue,brown.

Application:  used as control signal transmission line, electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment, security alarm system, high-rise building intercom systems, home lighting cable etc.


Special Items:  Similarly, according to the choice of different materials,H05VV-F/RVV wire is also divided into fire-retardant wire (ZR-RVV), fire-resistant wire (NH-RVV),low smoke halogen free wire (WDZ-RVV).Users can choose according to their own needs depending on different occasion. The low smoke halogen free wire and produce a very small amount of smoke in the flame, the release of gas does not contain halogen (low halogen) elements, non-toxic (low toxicity). When a fire occurs, it can greatly reduce the damage of apparatus, equipment and the human body.That's why it has been widely used in high-rise buildings, hospitals, large library, gymnasium, disaster prevention and control building, railway stations and civil airports, passenger waiting room, key cultural relics protected places and subway, underground shopping malls or densely populated public places.


Key technical parameter of different specifications and models:


Cross-section area                                 (mm2)Wire gauge     (cores/mm)   Weight   (kg/km)Upper limit of               OD             (mm)Maximum resistance at 20 ℃                                                   (Ω/km)


3*16/0.2 40.6 6.6039 
3*0.753*24/0.2  7026 

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