Flexible Fireproof Cable

- Jul 04, 2017-

1, fire performance is excellent, fire-resistant grade not only to meet international GB12666. The 6A class 950 also meets the requirements of the British Bs6387-1994 for a-class 650 B 750 C-Class 950, which can withstand both water spray and mechanical impact during combustion. 2, long continuous length whether the single core or multi-core cable its length can meet the need for power supply length, the limit length of up to 2000m. 3, the cross-section of large single core cable can reach 1000 M 2 multi-core cable section can reach 240mm2. 4, has the flexibility, the cable may disk on the cable plate, its bending radius Seuder 20d, D is the cable outside diameter. 5, when burning smokeless non-toxic, the insulation uses the inorganic material "does not burn the body", the combustion will not produce any harmful gas, also will not occur two times pollution, is called is the environmental protection green product. 6, the cross-section capacity is too large, the cable is not only large cross-section flow and has a greater overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements usually the cable surface temperature Bian? If the wiring is not touched? The cable sheath temperature can reach 105 Shan. The allowable operating temperature of the fire-retardant cable at overload is up to 250 Shan. 7, corrosion-resistant, organic insulation fire-resistant cable sometimes need to wear plastic pipes or iron pipes, plastic easily aging brittle, Tietai rust; fire-resistant cable is copper sheath not to wear tube, copper sheath corrosion resistance is good.