Process Characteristics of Cable

- Jul 04, 2017-

Production process and equipment layout: Production Workshop of various equipment must be in accordance with product requirements of the process of reasonable emissions, so that all stages of semi-finished goods, in turn. Equipment configuration to consider the production efficiency of the balance of productivity, some equipment may have to be equipped with two or more units in order to make the production line balance. Thus the reasonable selection of equipment and the layout of the production site, must be based on product and output to balance the comprehensive consideration. Production Organization management: Production organization management must be scientific and reasonable, careful and accurate, strict and meticulous, operators must be meticulous in accordance with the requirements of the process, any part of the problem, will affect the smooth flow of products, affecting the quality and delivery. In particular, multi-core cable, a certain line or basic unit length is short, or the quality of the problem, the whole cable will not be long enough, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if the length of a unit is too long, it must be sawed to cause waste.