The Process precautions of steel wire armored cable

- Oct 28, 2017-

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The steel wire armored cable can bear greater mechanical force, and it is used more and more widely in our life with the development of social. During the production of steel wire armored cable,the manufacturer should strictly enforce the relevant national standards and international standards to ensure that the armored cable has a good stability of the structure and performance when use.

This article mainly introduce 5 kinds process precautions of steel wire armored cable as following.

1. The requirements of the steel wire’s quality

Control cable steel wire armor quality should be consistent with GB / T 3082-2008; low voltage power cable steel armor quality can refer to GB / T 3082-2008 requirements, but may not have to follow this standard assessment.

2. The diameter of steel wire armor

Power cable wire nominal diameter should meet the requirements, the minimum diameter of the wire is not less than 95% of the nominal diameter; control cable wire diameter and deviation should be consistent.

3. The form of steel wire armored

Using the method of retrogression,for different specifications of the wire, it need adjust the pre-deformer arc height and arc width according to process requirements, so that make the deformation of steel wire match the spiral of cable diameter and pitch, so that the armored wire is not easy to loose.

4. The torsion stress release of steel wire armored cable

For the steel wire armored cable, there is a certain amount of residual torque in the cable and wire armor process. To prevent radial rotation of the wire armored cable during laying,The residual torque must be effectively released after the steel wire was armored. For the radial rotation of the cable, once improper handling, there will cause a more serious quality of the accident, ranging from armored layer deformation, damage to the outer jacket, or even the cable core is directly pulled off.

5. The armor of double steel wire

To ensure that the double-layer steel wire armored special cables (such as fiber optic cable, photoelectric composite cable, cable and other cable exploration), in the course of the use of structural stability, the need to accurately design cable double steel wire armor process parameters, so that both inside and outside the steel armor The torque on the armored cable is equal and the direction is opposite, that is, the torque of the wire armored cable is balanced to ensure the stability of the cable armored structure.

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