What are the requirements in the process of the positive sequence impedance measurement of cable line

- Jul 04, 2017-

The AC resistance of the cable conductor and the phase of the three-phase empathy are called the positive sequence impedance. The positive sequence impedance of the cable line can be measured directly on the cable plate, and the lower voltage is generally used when measuring, therefore, the step-down transformer is needed to carry out buck, the step-down device uses star-shaped wiring, the capacity is generally above 10kVA, there is a wide range of voltage regulation, the measurement of AC power should be relatively not disorderly to ensure that the measurement of the current to meet the requirements of the actual voltmeter reading value must be the cable voltage, the test current is best to close the cable long promised to load the flow, to read the values of the table, A value that reads three tables at the same time after closing the current.