what is different hv cable and lv cables?

- Oct 28, 2017-

Electric cable (1).jpgThe power cables are classified according to different voltage levels, which are divided into the power cables of 450/750V and below, low-voltage cable 0.6/1kv, medium voltage cable 3-35kv, high-voltage cable 350-110kv and ultra-high voltage cable 110-750kv.

Low voltage cable use common PVC and can produce cross-linked polyethylene, low voltage cable and the crosslinking and the distinction between ordinary, but not for high voltage cable in this distinction, are crosslinking cable, 6 kv, 35 kv using three-layer co-extrusion, high-density crosslinked polyethylene production.

1 kv low-voltage cable and 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv medium voltage cable, the former is the voltage grade 1KV, the common 

products are:

VV/YJV polyvinyl chloride/cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable: structure: conductor + insulation + padding + winding belt + sheath

VV22 / YJV22 polyvinyl chloride/crosslinked polyethylene insulation steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable structure: conductor + insulation + padding + (winding belt) + inner lining + steel band + outer sheath

Medium pressure yjv-6/10kvyjv-8.7/10kV cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable, structure: conductor + internal shield + XLPE + external shield + copper strip shield + filling + non-woven + sheath

Medium-pressure kvyjv22 YJV22-6/10-8.7/10 kv crosslinked polyethylene insulation insulation tape armored PVC sheathed power cable, structure: described.properties conductor shielding within + + + outer screen + copper tape screened + filling + non-woven + inner sheath + steel belt + outer sheath

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