what is the electric cable?

- Dec 23, 2017-

1)House Wire:


The House Wires are preferred for areas that require superior safety such as hotels, theaters, hospitals, railway stations, high-rise buildings and chemical industries. The house wires are fire-resistant, burns with no flame and emits non-toxic smoke in case of fire.

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2)Insulated cables: XLPE insulated cables, PVC insulated cables 


For Installations Outdoor in Ground, in Ducts and Indoor on trays

Transmission of high voltage in various industrial and commercial applications

Transmission and Distribution

Power Sector

Industrial use


3)Flexible cables

Widely used in electronics, instruments, electronic equipment and automatic generation of devices in the power cord, the line of control and signal transmission lines. Concretely can be used for anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system, household lighting cables and so on.


4)Armoured cables

The product is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines.


5)Instrumentation cables;Control cables

The control cable are suitable for the wiring of electrical controlling equipments and instrument,monitoring and controlling return circuit,electrical protection and measurement in power distribution unit under the circumstance that the rated voltage is up to 450/750V AC.

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6)Flat cables 

The cables are used for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wire for electrical appliance, suitable for use in conduit and for fixed protected installation.

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