600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2

0.6/1kv multicore ymvk mb xlpe kabel
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YMVK Cable is a series of very unique flexible installation cables. The cables are built as flexible installation cables by one of the world's leading cable producers. The cables are manufactured of PVC and it is suited for all use in street lights, industry and building installations. They are very suitable for installations where a flexible connection is needed such as in a motor, generator and similar.


YMvKmb is bare Copper conductor, XLPE insulation, PVC sheath, NEN type power and control cable.

Designed for energy supply in cable ducts, power stations, and industry and distribution boards and in subscriber networks. May also be used in brickwork and in concrete with the exception of cabling in shaken, vibrated or compressed concrete. Can be installed in open area, underground, in water and indoors where mechanical damages are not to be expected.


 IEC 60502, K42C


Conductor :

Solid or Stranded bare copper  (IEC 60228 Class 1 or Class 2)


Insulation :

XLPE  (Code color HD 308)

Covering :

Taped or Extruded

Sheath :

PVC  (Grey)

Technical Data

Working Voltage :

Uo/U = 0.6/1KV

Test Voltage :

4000V/5min No breakdown

Min. Bending Radius :

Single core 15×Ø , Multi core 12×Ø

Working Temperature :

Flexing -5°C to +90°C, Fixed -40°C to +90°C

Flame Retardant :

IEC 60332

Cable Marking :

YMvKmb CABLE ***mm² 0.6/1KV Hesheng Cable or as your request 


Product Description

Type0.6/1kv multicore ymvk mb xlpe kabel 
Voltage  Rate0.6/1KV
Range of Nominal cross section:1.5MM2 to 630MM2
ApplicationEnergy cables for use in open air, underground, indoors and in cable ducts
StandardIEC60502 Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV to 30kV
ConstructionsConductor: Plain annealed copper conductors
Insulation: XLPE Crosslinked polyethylene
SheathPVC (Polyvinyl-Chloride)
TypesO - Excluding protective earth conductor. J - Including protective earth conductor
Minimum Bending Radius15 x Overall Diameter for Solid Conductors. 12 x Overall Diameter for Stranded Conductors
Max. Operating Temperature70℃,can be 90℃ and 110℃
RemarkedThe cable can be of flame retardance, fire resistance and environment friendly or other property



Main Manufacturing Procedure


1,Copper wire drawing and annealing.


2,Copper wire stranding  .


3,PVC insulation extruding.


4,Cores Twisting.


5, Outer sheath extruding and labeling




Low Voltage Power Cable Voltage rating
No. x Nominal Cross Section of Conductor No. x mm2
single core
two cores
three cores
Four cores
five core
            0.6/1 kV
1x4 mm2
2x4 mm2
3x4 mm2
4x4 mm2
5x2.5 mm2
1x6 mm2
2x6 mm2
3x6 mm2
4x6 mm2
5x4 mm2
1x10 mm2
2x10 mm2
3x10 mm2
4x10 mm2
5x6 mm2
1x16 mm2
2x16 mm2
4x16 mm2
5x10 mm2
1x 25 mm2
2x 25 mm2
3x 25 mm2
4x25 mm2
5x16 mm2
1x35 mm2
2x35 mm2
3x 35 mm2
4x35 mm2
5x25 mm2
1x50 mm2
2x50 mm2
3x 50 mm2
4x50 mm2
5x35 mm2
1x70 mm2
2x70 mm2
3x 70 mm2
4x70 mm2
5x50 mm2
1x95 mm2
2x95 mm2
3x 95 mm2
4x95 mm2
5x70 mm2
1x120 mm2
2x120 mm2
3x 120 mm2
4x120 mm2
5x95 mm2
1x150 mm2
2x150 mm2
3x 150 mm2
4x150 mm2
5x120 mm2
1x185 mm2
2x185 mm2
3x 185 mm2
4x185 mm2
5x150 mm2
1x240 mm2
2x240 mm2
3x 240 mm2
4x240 mm2
5x185 mm2
1x300 mm2
2x300 mm2
3x 300 mm2
4x300 mm2
5x240 mm2
1x400 mm2

5x300 mm2
1x500 mm2


Luxing Cable Features 

It shows us the most common sizes of conductor, but other sizes to any recognized standards or customer specification can also be supplied as per customer's requirements.

1.We are a factory not a trading company, and the price is favorable. We are a high-tech enterprise, The top ten wire and cable manufacturer in China.

2.established in the year of 1999, with more than 20 years of professional research and development design, production experience, has been widely recognized in the industry and has a good market reputation.

3.High production efficiency leads to short delivery date.

4.Various products can be designed and produced according to GB standard, IEC standard, British BS standard, Australian AS standard, German DIN standard, EU HD standard, American UL and other standards.


Hot Products 

600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2


Certificates of Shandong New Luxing 


600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2



Test Report for Luxing Cable 

600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2

Advantages of Luxing Cable Company 

(1)Luxing cable, the designated supplier of China's national grid construction.

(2)Established in the year of 1999, having been in this field for more than 20 years,we supply high-quality cables for our clients.

(3)Professional,Safe and Reliable Lu Xing cable, gained high reputation, and great trust from our customers.

(4)ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS, CE, CCC, SGS certificates owned.

(5)OEM and ODM are available.

(6)Serve you at any time, please feel free to contact us.

600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2


Customer Visiting 


600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2


Exhinbition Show 

600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2


Packaging & Shipping & Delivery 

600/1000V 3 CORE YMVK CABLE 3X4MM2


Warmly welcome to receive your inquiry! 

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