BS5467 600/1000V 4X35mm2 CU/XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC Power Cable

BS5467 600/1000V 4X35mm2 CU/XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC Power Cable

600/1000V, 0.6/1kv, XLPE Power Cable manufacturer / supplier in China, offering BS5467 600/1000V 4X35mm2 Cu/XLPE/PVC/Swa/PVC Power Cable, 1-35kv Power Cable, 22kv 3*95mm2 Mv Epr Rubber Insulation Cable and so on.
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Product Details

Welcome to place orders for bs5467 600/1000v 4x35mm2 cu/xlpe/pvc/swa/pvc power cable for sale with our company - one of leading manufacturers in this field. We'll offer you competitive price and various sizes of cables at your choice.


Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Low Voltage Power Cable

  • Voltage: Low and Medium Voltage Cable

  • Insulation Material: XLPE

  • Material Shape: Round Wire

  • Certification: ISO, CCC, CE, RoHS, UL, VDE


  • Trademark: Luxing Cable

  • Specification: multicores

  • HS Code: 8544492100

  • Application: Construction, Underground

  • Current: DC & AC

  • Sheath Material: PVC

  • Wire Core Material: Bare Copper Wire

  • Model: YJV

  • Option Conductor: Aluminum

  • Transport Package: Wooden or Wooden-Steel Drum

  • Origin: Shandong, China

Product Description

BS5467 Cu/XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC 0.6/1kV

Cable Application

Cu/XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC power cable may be used for fixed installation indoors and outdoors in cable ducts or directly in the ground. The steel wire armoured cable is the accepted standard for underground installations, designed for use in mains supply electricity. These cables are provided with mechanical protection and are therefore suitable for external use, direct burial and areas where sudden mechanical stress are expected. SWA Cable is one of our most popular cables from small projects in the garden for landscapers to large infrastructure projects. Click to view some our occasionally blogged SWA cable projects.

Technical Information

Conductor Material:Copper, IEC60228
Conductor Shape:1.Smm2 up to 16mm2Circular
 25mm2 up to 400mm2Sector-shaped
Conductor Flexibility:Stranded class 2
Insulation:XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene), IEC60502
Armour Type:Galvanized steel wires
Outer Sheath:PVC, IEC60502
Inner Sheath:PVC, IEC60502
Sheath Colour:Black
Lead Free:Yes
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um):600/1000V, BS5467
Installation Temperature:Minimum: 0°c Maximum: 60°C
Installation Type:Outdoor Direct burial
Operating Temperature:Maximum: 90°C
Short-circuit Maximum Conductor Temperature:250°C
Flame Retardant:IEC 60332-1
Bending Radius:1.5mm2 up to 16mm2 = 6 x 0 25mm2 up to 400mm2 = 8 x 0


Part numberCross section mm2Stranding mmApprox weight kg/kmApprox overall diameterGland size mmSingle cleatNom. Max. DC-resist conductor 20oC ohm/kmCurrent rating laid direct amp

2 Core SWA : Brown & Blue

SWAPVC2X1.52 x 1.57/0.5324311.06160.512.1038
SWAPVC2X2.52 x 2.57/0.6735512.420s0.57.4149
SWAPVC2X4.02 x 4.07/0.8539313.3820s0.64.6165
SWAPVC2X6.02 x 6.07/1.0445014.38200.63.0881
SWAPVC2X102 x 107/1.3559016.18200.71.83109
SWAPVC2X162 x 167/1.7089719.06250.81.15141
SWAPVC2X252 x 257/2.141,05020.0250.80.727183
SWAPVC2X352 x 357/2.521,40023.2320.90.524219
SWAPVC2X502 x 5019/1.781,75025.1321.00.387259
SWAPVC2X702 x 7019/2.142,20028.5321.20.268317
SWAPVC2X952 x 9519/2.523,10032.9321.40.193381
SWAPVC2X1202 x 12037/2.033,70035.1401.40.153433
SWAPVC2X1502 x 15037/2.254,35037.8401.60.124485
SWAPVC2X1852 x 18537/2.525,70044.750s1.80.0991547
SWAPVC2X2402 x 24061/2.257,28049.0502.00.0754632
SWAPVC2X3002 x 30061/2.528,75053.463s2.00.0601708
SWAPVC2X4002 x 40061/2.8510,70059.063sTC90.0470-

3 Core SWA : Brown, Black & Grey

SWAPVC3X1.53 x 1.57/0.5334112.17160.512.1032
SWAPVC3X2.53 x 2.57/0.6737413.5520s0.67.4142
SWAPVC3X4.03 x 4.07/0.8545814.6820s0.64.6155
SWAPVC3X6.03 x 6.07/1.0455815.87200.73.0869
SWAPVC3X103 x 107/1.3584118.63200.81.8392
SWAPVC3X163 x 167/1.701,07020.78250.91.15119
SWAPVC3X253 x 257/2.141,62524.9321.00.727152
SWAPVC3X353 x 357/2.521,95027.8321.10.524182
SWAPVC3X503 x 5019/1.782,30028.0321.20.387217
SWAPVC3X703 x 7019/2.143,07532.2321.40.268266
SWAPVC3X953 x 9519/2.524,22537.0401.60.193319
SWAPVC3X1203 x 12037/2.035,10040.250s1.80.153363
SWAPVC3X1503 x 15037/2.256,51045.350s1.80.124406
SWAPVC3X1853 x 18537/2.527,84549.5502.00.0991458
SWAPVC3X2403 x 24061/2.259,90055.663sTC90.0754529
SWAPVC3X3003 x 30061/2.5213,56059.663TC100.0601592
SWAPVC3X4003 x 40061/2.8514,72065.875sTC110.0470667

4 Core SWA: Brown, Black, Grey & Blue

SWAPVC4X1.54 x 1.57/0.5335112.8820s0.512.1032
SWAPVC4X2.54 x 2.57/0.6742914.4320s0.67.4142
SWAPVC4X4.04 x 4.07/0.8553816.87200.64.6155
SWAPVC4X6.04 x 6.07/1.0467017.87200.73.0869
SWAPVC4X104 x 107/1.3599820.1250.81.8392
SWAPVC4X164 x 167/1.701,27222.4250.91.15119
SWAPVC4X254 x 257/2.141,94027.0321.00.727152
SWAPVC4X354 x 357/2.522,39030.1321.20.524182
SWAPVC4X504 x 5019/1.782,92531.5321.40.387217
SWAPVC4X704 x 7019/2.144,20037.4401.60.268266
SWAPVC4X954 x 9519/2.525,35540.950s1.80.193319
SWAPVC4X1204 x 12037/2.036,92546.6502.00.153363
SWAPVC4X1504 x 15037/2.258,20050.250s2.00.124406
SWAPVC4X1854 x 18537/2.529,97555.863sTC90.0991458
SWAPVC4X2404 x 24061/2.5212,70062.563TC100.0754529
SWAPVC4X3004 x 30061/2.8515,27567.475sTC110.0601592
SWAPVC4X4004 x 40061/3.2019,87577.075TC120.0470667

5 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC5X1.55 x 1.57/0.5339513.7220s0.612.1032
SWAPVC5X2.55 x 2.57/0.6749715.4620s0.67.4142
SWAPVC5X4.05 x 4.07/0.8567417.38200.74.6155
SWAPVC5X6.05 x 6.07/1.0486819.05200.83.0869
SWAPVC5X105 x 107/1.351,19722.06250.91.8392
SWAPVC5X165 x 167/1.701,78024.14251.11.15119
SWAPVC5X255 x 257/2.142,43528.4321.20.727152
SWAPVC5X355 x 357/2.522,80033401.40.524182
SWAPVC5X505 x 5019/1.783,85038.0401.60.387217
SWAPVC5X705 x 7019/2.145,10042.950s1.80.268266
SWAPVC5X955 x 9519/2.527,70052.150TC90.193319

7 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC7X1.57 x 1.57/0.5344914.65200.612.1032
SWAPVC7X2.57 x 2.57/0.6756416.53200.87.4142
SWAPVC7X4.07 x 4.07/0.8582418.96250.84.6155
SWAPVC7X6.07 x 6.07/1.041,10521.6250.93.0869
SWAPVC7X107 x 107/1.351,61025.32511.8398
SWAPVC7X167 x 167/1.702,22528.45321.21.15119
SWAPVC7X257 x 257/2.143,88038.4401.40.727152

12 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC12X1.512 x 1.57/0.5375618.9250.812.1032
SWAPVC12X2.512 x 2.57/0.6797121.76250.97.4142
SWAPVC12X4.012 x 4.07/0.851,40325.97321.04.6155
SWAPVC12X6.012 x 6.07/1.041,91028.1321.23.0869
SWAPVC12X1012 x 107/1.352,59032.4321.41.8398

19 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC19X1.519 x 1.57/0.5399221.99250.912.1032
SWAPVC19X2.519 x 2.57/0.671,44725.63251.07.4142
SWAPVC19X4.019 x 4.07/0.851,87028.46321.14.6155

27 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC27X1.527 x 1.57/0.531,47021.9925112.1032
SWAPVC27X2.527 x 2.57/0.671,90530.1321.27.4142
SWAPVC27X4.027 x 4.07/0.852,49533.2321.44.6155

37 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC37X1.537 x 1.57/0.531,64021.99321.112.1032
SWAPVC37X2.537 x 2.57/0.672,36330.1401.47.4142
SWAPVC37X4.037 x 4.07/0.853,09033.2401.44.6155

48 Core SWA : White Numbered Cores with Black Print

SWAPVC48X1.548 x 1.57/0.532,14530.0401.212.1032
SWAPVC48X2.548 x 2.57/0.673,11537.4401.67.4142
SWAPVC48X4.048 x 4.07/0.854,11044.550s1.84.6155

Suitable gland types:

  • BW: Internal use only

  • CW: Internal & External

  • E1W: External double compression

  • E1WF: Flameproof


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