Copper Conductor PVC Insulated RVV 3 Cores Electrical Cable Wire

1.Name Copper conductor PVC insulated RVV 3 cores Electrical cable wire
2.standard: CCC,IEC,UL,etc
.3.application:eletrical installation
4.conductor size: 0.5-240sqmm
5.rated voltage: 450V / 750V
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Copper conductor PVC insulated RVV 3 cores Electrical cable wire

The standards


The power cable is mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard,  also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as BS, DIN, ASTM, VDE, NFC standards, and so on.



The construction of the power cable for different voltage grade

1 low  voltage  cable power cable

Low voltage (0.6/1 kv)

single core or multi-core

copper or aluminium conductor

pvc inusulation

steel tape armored or galvanized steel wire armored or unarmored

pvc outer sheath

power cable.

2 medium voltage cabel power cable

Voltage grade is up to 35kv,

cross-section area can be up to 1000 sqmm  (copper or aluminiun conductor).

Conductor long-time  operating temperature is 90 degrees.

In short circuit, conductor  highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.

1kv-35 kv 


copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

copper tape or copper wire screen 

galvanized steel wire armored

pvc or pe sheath

power cable

3 high voltage cable power cable

High voltage (35kv~220kv) 

copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

metal sheath (lead or corrugated aluminium)

hdpe or pvc outer sheath power cable.

Laying conditions: for laying  under ground with large different  altitude, be able to bear external machanical force and moderate pulling force.





In domestic areas, for weak mechanical actions, to feed light portable equipment.

For signaling and command. 
For home appliances, machine tools, electric tools for power supply. 
Core identification: 2core blue, brown 
3core green/yellow, blue, brown 
4core green/yellow, black, grey, brown 
5core green/yellow, black, blue, grey, brown 
Model/Size: H03VV-F/H03VVH2-F 23coresX0.5mm2-0.75mm2 
H05VV-F/H05VVH2-F 25coresXcable36_副本.jpg0.75mm2-2.5mm2


Packing and shipping


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