High Quality Custom Power Electric Cable Wire

1. Name:High Quality Custom power electric cable wire
2.Conductor Material: Copper, Silver plated copper
3.Insulation Material: pvc/pp/pe, PVC/PE/PP
4.Insulation: teflon\peek\As customer requirement
5.special requirements: As customer request
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High Quality Custom Power Shielded Cable 


        Wire and cable is used in just about everything, so the different types and categories within the industry span a wide range. There’s coaxial cable and hook-up wire. Power cables, portable cords, and high temp wire. Marine wire, boat cable, and shipboard cable. The list goes on and on. 


        These cable types all have uses and functions independent from each other, but have you ever thought about designing a cable that incorporates two different types of wire into one? Well, a customer of ours did, and as a result we were able to create a Custom Shielded Power Cable—a coaxial cable designed for power—to be used in a spark plug application.


        Our customer who requested this custom cable, which they named a “PowerAx” cable, works in electronics design and contract manufacturing. They’d been building the cable overseas prior to contacting Dahe tech, but were running into issues involving standard US colors and run size. Looking for a manufacturer in the United States, they contacted AWC, and one of our knowledgeable reps and our custom cable design team were assigned to the project.


        Our team was able to build a custom shielded power cable that features a 10 AWG stranded tinned copper conductor, a tin plated copper braided shield, and a yellow PVC jacket. The cable combines both characteristics of a power cable and coaxial cable into one, giving it a plethora of uses and capabilities.


        Sometimes one type of cable alone just won’t do the trick, and in that case, it’s best to consult with one of Dahe tech’s custom cable experts so we can make an innovative custom cable come to life. If you have a custom cable design in mind that you’re looking to revamp, we’ll work with you to construct a cable that fits your needs. For more information, visit our Custom Cable Design Center or call +86-138-0521-3153 to be put in touch with a custom cable expert today.


        *Although DAHETEC has taken precautions to ensure the accuracy of the product specifications at the time of publication, however, we cannot be responsible for the errors, omissions, or changes due to obsolescence. All data contained herein is subject to change without notice.

High Quality Custom power electric cable wire

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