Low Smoke Halogen Free Electric Xlpe Control Power Cable

ITEM NAME: Low smoke halogen free electric xlpe control power cable Product introduction: Low-smoke free-halogen flame-retardancy wire cables can produces little smoke and inno cuousgas without halogen or with little halogen when combustion. It can extremely reduce the damage to the instruments,...
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Product Details

ITEM NAME: Low smoke halogen free electric xlpe control power cable  


Product introduction:

Low-smoke free-halogen flame-retardancy wire cables can produces little smoke and inno cuousgas without halogen or with little halogen when combustion. It can extremely reduce the damage to the instruments, equipment and body as the fire occurred . So. it.was widely used in the crowded public concourses such as high-rise building. large-sized library. gymnasium, commanding don tolling building for guard against blast, station, ivil airfield, passenger waiting room, emplases cultural relic, subway, underground shop, etc.
The using property of the rated voltage under 35KV plastics insulated cable and wire developed by our company, comply with the require-ment of GB/T12706-2008, GB 5023-2008 and GB9330-88, DGJ08-93-2002. Meanwhile, its low-smoke and free-halogen property comply with the standard of GB/T19650-12-1998, GB/T1 7651. 1-2-1998. The product has reached the domestic advanced level of the same kind after the national first class technology appraisal.


Grade and choose for the using location:

1.  Low-smoke free/Low-halogen types divides into four kinds: special class, first class, second class, third class according to the using property, fire damage and evacuation extinguishment difficulty. Meanwhile, it also complies with the requirement of Table.
2. When they are laving in colligation, the low-smoke free/low-halogen wires and cables should be flame-retardancy types whose grades comply with table. If the location needs inter grated lines and constant electricity under the outside fire, they should be fire resistance types.



Conductor: Solid or stranded copper/Aluminum


Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


Filler: Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape


Binder: Binding tape


Inner sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


Armouring:  SWA (Steel Wire Armour)  STA(Steel Tape Armour)


Sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


a, Number of cores:

1,  2,  3,   3+1,   3+2,    3+3,  4,    4+1,    4+2,   5 and so on.

b, Construction:

Stranded copper conductor for single and shaped conductors for multi-core cables, XLPE  insulated, PVC bedding, zinc plating steel wire armored and PVC sheathed cables.

c, Nominal Section  Area(mm2) :1.5 2.5 4 6 10 16 25 35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400 500 630 800

d,Rated voltage

1st class 0.6/1 1.8/3 3.6/6 6/10 8.7/15 12/20 18/30 21/35  2nd class 1/1 3/3 6/6 8.7/10 12/15 18/20 - 26/35


Techinical data 

Rated Voltage; (Uo/U)(Um)


Max. working; temperature

70 °c for pvc; insulation and 90 °c for xlpe insulation

Max. temperature; during short circuit (≤5S

160°c (PVC; insulation), 250°c (XLPE insulation)


class 1 and 2 copper or aluminum

Shape of conductor

circular and sectional

Shape of conductor

circular and sectional

Sectional area

1.5 - 500mm2



No. of cores



steel wire or steel tape available




Polypropylene lament with lapped binding tape


Binding tape

Min. beding radius

15 times cable radius (single core), 12 times cable radius (multi cores)


1.Product Standard

This product is manufactured according to  GB/T12706 (eqvIEC60502), GB/T18380-2001(eqv. IEC60332),GB/T19216 (IEC60311) and /or the BS, DIN and/or other types of international standards.And we also design and produce cables according to the requirement of our clients.



1,Long term working temperature for the cable with PVC insulated is 70℃;

Long term working temperature for the cable with XLPE insulated is 90℃

2,Short circuit temperature

For PVC insulated cable ,the highest conductor temperature is not more than160℃.(lasting time not over 5 seconds).

For XLPE insulated cable ,the highest conductor temperature is not more than250℃.(Lasting time is not over 5 seconds).

3,Laying temperature not less than 0℃ and the drop height is out of consideration.

4,The cable with chemical stability, anti- acid, anti-alkali, anti-oil, anti-organic solvent, not easy to be burning.

5,Easy for installation, easy bending and light


3.Bending ratio:


Single core

Three cores

Non armor

With armor

Non armor

With armor

Min bending radius during installation





Near joint box or cable terminal, bending with care 

and use templet





                                                                  Note:D is the diameter of cable

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