PV1-F DC1.8KV Electric Cable

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ITEM NAME : PV1-F DC1.8KV electric kabel solar panel wiring cable

With the growth in renewable energy sources the demand for specialist cables to meet specific needs has also increased. While the cables used to link solar panels to each other or to a regulator are relatively simple, the environments they operate in can be very hostile. Ultraviolet (UV) can be extremely damaging to conventional cable, breaking down standard insulation within a matter of months in some cases. Heat and weather can also be very destructive.
The PV cables are designed to work in extreme conditions with a temperature range up to 120ºC and excellent UV stability.

Solar Cables
Application: Widely used for interior and outdoor solar installation of electrical equipments.
Features: Low smoke zero halogen, excellent properties of cold-resistance, ozone-proof and weather-
proof. Flame retardant, resistance to cut marks and penetration.
Working Temperature: -40°c~+90°c; the maximum temperature of conductor: 120°c (200°c is permitted for 5 seconds short-circuit).
Rated Voltage: AC(alternating current) 0.6/1kv; DC(direct current) 1.8kv.
Projected lifetime: 25 years.

Main Types Specifications (design can according to customer's requirement)

Single Core Solar Cable 
TypeSectional area(mm²)Conductor   Insulation  JacketWeight(kg/km)
No./DiaOuter diaThicknessDiaThicknessDia
Two Core Solar Cable 
TypeSectional area(mm²)ConductorInsulationJacketWeight(kg/km)
No./DiaOuter diaThicknessDiaThicknessDia

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