Companies To Participate In 2017 Confucianism And Business Integrity Forum

- Nov 21, 2017-

On the morning of November 21, 2017, "2017 Confucianism and Business Integrity Forum" sponsored by Jinan Trade and Industry Bureau was held in Jinan Shungeng Hall, and our company participated as an enterprise representative.

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With the theme of "Shou contract, credit, development and progress", the forum aims at strengthening exchanges among "defensive trade" enterprises, promoting Confucian culture, activating the traditional cultural heritage of honest Confucian businessmen, honest businessmen, and guiding the market subject's credit System. Secretary for Industry and Commerce Jinan City, made a keynote speech entitled "Credit Supervision as the core to further promote business integrity," the keynote speech, invited experts Professor Huang Shaoan and Professor Han Shutang were "on the current macroeconomic situation and trends" and "Confucianism Honest thinking and modern business management "on-site lectures, the city's nearly 400" Shou contract, credit "business leaders attended the forum.

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Over the past five years, the city has received more than 2,100 enterprises that are "defensible" enterprises to publicize their qualifications. The industries involved in various fields include construction, real estate, culture, science and technology, medicine, catering, intermediary and supermarkets, among which construction enterprises Accounting for "defensive" 40% of enterprises. Jinan City, "defensive" enterprise contract compliance rate of 100% of enterprises accounted for 95%, far higher than the average social contract compliance rate, contract dispute resolution rate of 100%. In construction projects and other bidding frequently, highly competitive business areas, publicity enterprises by virtue of "defensive" the gold signboard to get extra points, and even some bidding only allows "defensive" enterprises to participate. "Shou-weight" corporate social recognition of growing, in the bidding, credit lending, participation in government projects, as well as investment in some areas by the favored, a corporate development of the "golden signboard."