Distinctions Of Attention For Installation Of Refrigerated Cable Accessories And Thermal Cable Accessories

- Nov 12, 2018-

Attention to cable attachment installation:
Preparatory work before installation
1, check whether the cable is wet into the water.
2, ready to install the necessary tools.
3, confirm that the accessories are fully configured and match the cable to be installed.
4, read the installation drawings.
5, to ensure that the installation environment meets the installation requirements, moisture, dust, when it is not suitable for construction.
6, cleaning and straightening is installed part of the cable.
Pre-treatment of cables
Cable pretreatment is a very important part in the installation of cable attachments. The quality of cable pretreatment directly affects the safe and reliable operation of cable attachments, and even the success of installation.
1) When making cable terminals and intermediate connectors, if there are scratches on the main insulation surface of the cable(especially in the range of 20 mm near the screen mouth), thoroughly smooth with insulating sand cloth(size 120 or 240), In case the residual air gap causes partial discharge.
2, each box of CC-3 detergent, non-toxic, but its solubility is very large, so it can not touch the semiconductor layer. When cleaning, clean the main insulation first, do not allow to clean the main insulation with the clean wiring terminal or metal take-over CC-3.
3, stripping copper shield, conductor shield layer, do not scratch the main insulation. The cut edges of the copper shield and the outer shield shall be flat and smooth, and shall not have flanges, corners and notches.
4, when pressing the conductor, it is not allowed to open the break core or change the inside diameter of the take over and take over the pressure. Before pressing, if the surface of the wire core is found to have oxidation, it should be polished with a sand cloth. After pressing, use a file or sand cloth to grind the wiring terminals, the tips, burrs, and prisms on the wire core. And clean. Be careful not to polish the main insulation layer of the cable with polished metal sand cloth. When polishing the metal, be careful that the metal debris falls on the main insulation. If necessary, you can cover the main insulation with newspapers or cloth in advance.
Distinctions of Attention for Installation of Refrigerated Cable Accessories and Thermal Cable Accessories
Refrigeration construction:
A, cold shrink cable accessories cut too many artificial elements, in the construction, the cold shrink only needs to remove the inside of the plastic core can be automatically shortened, in the shortening process will not be caused by artificial elements to shorten the uneven appearance of the insulator tube. The quality of the construction was then ensured.
B, the cold reduction is shortened according to the program from one end to the other, this program can not be changed, to ensure that the shortened process will not appear bubbles.
In the risk of petrochemicals. Cold construction avoids the use of heat sources and becomes safe.
Thermal shrinkage construction:
A, thermal shrinkage is affected by the construction level is relatively large, heating time uneven will lead to shortening thin thickness uneven, and even some roots have not been shortened, resulting in shortened thickness uneven, thin local simple breakdown and other questions.
In the heating process, due to the poor degree of heating, the situation of charred insulation Guandeng occurred, which greatly affected the insulation function of the insulation tube.
C, hot condensation in the heating process, can be heated from one end to the other, can also be heated from the center to both, so that the shortened process presents bubbles.
D, is to obstruct the use of heat sources such as open fire, such as petrochemical, chemical and other operations, assuming that the use of increased risk, can lead to serious incidents.
In the application process
1) Cold cable accessories will follow the cable's thermal expansion and cooling, and the cable insists on synchronized respiration, so that the cable and accessories always adhere to the excellent connection situation.
2) The hot cable attachment will not be changed accordingly with the hot expansion and cooling of the cable. The long-term operation will briefly cause the outbreak of open space between the cable and the attachment and cause the outbreak of incidents.
Quality comparison
1) The inherent interest of cold shrinkage makes the use of cold compression cable accessories continue to unfold toward Gaodianya. At that time, there were 110KV cold compression cable accessories.
2) The defects inherent in the hot shrink cable accessories cause the hot shrink cable accessories to be used below the 35KV voltage level for a long period of time, and at the 35KV voltage level, hot shrink cable accessories have now become an important cause of frequent incidents in cable operations.