Good News! Warmly Congratulate The Company Approved The Establishment Of Texas City Engineering Research Center

- Aug 06, 2017-

July 2017 Dezhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology No. 45 document "Dezhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on the approval of the construction of Key Laboratory of Texas and Dezhou City Engineering Research Center notice," my company won the 2017 grant Texas City Engineering Research Center list, approved the establishment of Texas City, halogen-free flame retardant and clean energy cable Engineering Research Center. congratulations!


Engineering Technology Research Center is designed to promote industrial innovation as the goal, to carry out engineering research, testing and technical services, development of industrial development in common, the key technologies, and promote the transformation of the results and technology radiation, and promote related industries to enhance technology and Scientific and technological progress, enhance industrial technological innovation and market competitiveness. My company was approved to establish Texas halogen-free flame retardant and clean energy cable engineering technology research center, following the Texas high-tech enterprise approved after another exciting good news! This marks a new starting point and a new height for the research and development of our company.

Our company will strictly follow the notification standards and requirements, do a good job in laboratory construction, a clear positioning of their own R & D and work objectives and tasks, and actively major industry in key technical problems of scientific and technological research, large-scale production enterprises to solve technology, technical problems , And continue to implement in-depth corporate R & D strategy, and strive to improve the ability of independent innovation, providing customers with cost-effective products and provide more professional services.