I 'll Teach You To Correctly Identify Bad Cables.

- Dec 19, 2018-


We know that when the house is renovated, the circuit and waterway should be used first. The requirements of the general household for the circuit waterway will be relatively high, because the circuit waterway must be laid before the renovation. If the quality does not pass through the late maintenance, it will be very troublesome. So generally we are willing to choose a good quality cable and water pipes, then in the procurement of cable cable how to be able to distinguish which cable quality is inferior, which is better quality. Little editor for the specific introduction of it!
First, the conductor DC resistance exceeds the standard. The copper wire of the wire and cable should use high purity electrolytic copper, such material pull out of the silk uniform and shiny. Some production companies use recycled copper to obtain high profits, or cut corners to reduce the area of copper wire, resulting in serious excessive conductor resistance of wires, greatly reduced lead load flow, and overheating of conductors during use, affecting the service life of wires and producing safety hazards..
The mechanical properties(tensile strength, fracture elongation) of insulation and sheath materials are not satisfactory. The insulation and sheath materials of some wires and cables are made of recycled plastics, and their tensile strength and fracture elongation can not meet the requirements for use. This cable is easily broken during the force process, causing the charged conductor to be exposed, resulting in short circuit and leakage of electricity.
Third, the high voltage cable insulation heat extension project is not qualified. The insulation heat extension of individual products appears the phenomenon of melting, in the case of high temperature, it is easy to cause short-circuit accidents.
Tip: first of all, do not choose too low price cable, the price of finished cable can not be lower than the cost of sales. Second, we should consider the qualifications of production enterprises. Our country implements 3C certification to the wire and cable, some products adopt the management of production license, the products of the unlicensed enterprises have no guarantee of quality. Finally, when purchasing wires, obtain product inspection reports from the seller as far as possible. The quality of wire and cable can not be judged by the naked eye. Only through testing can it be judged whether it is qualified.