What Factors Can Affect The Quality Of Cable Attachments?

- Dec 03, 2018-

The factors for the quality of power cable accessories are diverse. In principle, there are the following aspects:
1 Electrical performance. The quality of electrical performance is the primary principle for evaluating the quality of cable accessories. It mainly considers whether the electric field distribution of cable accessories is reasonable, whether the measures to improve the distribution of electric field are appropriate, the electrical strength of the material, the loss of media, and the insulation margin of the product.
At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the stability of electrical properties, including the chemical, physical properties and structural stability of cable accessories, such as whether the stress control material is stable or not, and whether the stress cone is easily deformed. Effect of cable insulation retraction on electric field distribution of cable accessories and prevention measures, compatibility of various materials, stability of interface performance, etc..
In addition, the thermal properties of cable accessories should also be considered, such as dielectric loss, contact resistance and stability of conductor connection, heat conduction release, and the impact of thermal expansion and cooling on the electrical and mechanical properties of various components.
2 Sealing performance. Sealed moisture proof performance directly affects the electrical performance and service life of cable accessories. Whether the sealing structure of the terminal is reliable and stable. Introduction and classification of power cable attachments. In general, the intermediate joint should also have a metal moisture-proof shell that matches it, especially if it is buried or used in a humid environment.
3 Mechanical properties. The terminal should have sufficient bending resistance and shockproof capability. The intermediate joint should be able to withstand certain tension and measures to prevent external force damage.
4 Process performance. Process performance is an important condition for the design and selection of cable accessories. The installation process should be as simple as possible, facilitate the construction on site, and the duration is short; The requirements for the on-site environment and the technical level of workers are not high; Installation quality easy to control, reliable quality and so on.