Wire And Cable Transmission Industry

- Jul 04, 2017-

Wire and cable occupation in China is the second largest industry after the automobile occupation, the cost of copper in these years accounted for 60%-86% of the total amount of copper in the country, the change of the profession of wire and cable directly affect the demand of domestic refined copper, and the end of the price of copper. Therefore, know the current status and characteristics of China's wire and cable profession, analyze its future trend and guess the future needs of copper for copper futures market is very necessary. Wire and cable is used for power transmission and distribution, electric power transmission, sound, text, pictures and other information transmission and lighting, such as a large category of electrical goods, is the production of a variety of motors, electrical appliances, the appearance of essential components, is China's power infrastructure construction, the new smart grid, the necessary basis for the energy industry. Wire and cable occupation occupies a domestic electrician 1/4 of the production, is China's second largest occupation of the automobile industry, China's wire and cable production has now overtaken the United States, become the world's largest wire and cable producer. The upstream of wire and cable industry is mainly its original data supply company, such as copper rod, aluminum rod and other wire and cable data company, the cable cost more occupation, including power grids, automobiles, machinery production, rail transportation, aerospace, household appliances and so on.