12 Gauge Electrical Wire

IEC60227 300/500V 450/750V H07V-U H05V-U H05V2-U Single Core Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Non-sheath Cable Structure figure Application The building electric wire can be applied to the copper(aluminum)-core cables in the rated A/C voltage of 450/750V and the below power,...
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12 gauge electrical wire/electrical cable wire 3.5mm/electrical cable 2.5 mm

Product Description



12 gauge electrical wire/electrical cable wire 3.5mm/electrical cable 2.5 mm

Cable 066.jpg


flexible electrical wire  flat cable  12 gauge electrical wire

other name :     h05vv-f/k/u  NYY NYYHY NYM NYM-o-j


Flat shaped 

PVC insulation 

PVC Sheathed 

tepmerature 75deg c 

copper stranded or solid

cross sectional : 22AWG - 4/0 AWG

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flexible electrical wire flat cable  12 gauge electrical wire


conductorfine strands of oxygen-free copper wire, according to VDE0295 CLASS 6 standard
insulationspecial PVC
wire colors:choosable
core wire structureanti twist layered, or grouping with divided gap filling by high strength core
Outer sheath materialspecial PVC
Outer sheath color


rated voltage <0.5mm2:300/300V ≥0.5mm2:300/500V
test voltage2000V
Application Suitable for installation under continuous reciprocation, especially frequent bending environments occasion industrial action, such as a standard part of the towline of modern machinery and logistics systems, control systems, engraving machine automation systems. Suitable for short stroke, low-speed machinery, general industry indoor environment.






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