16mm Electrical Cable Price

IEC60227 300/500V 450/750V H07V-U H05V-U H05V2-U Single Core Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Non-sheath Cable Structure figure Application The building electric wire can be applied to the copper(aluminum)-core cables in the rated A/C voltage of 450/750V and the below power,...
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16mm electrical cable price/2 core 16mm pvc cable/electric wire and cable 16mm

Product Description

 Application: It is used as connection cable or wire of rated voltage 450/750V or lower for power plant,fixed wiring and flexible connection for electrical appliances. 


Using Features:
Rated voltage U0/U is 450/750V, 300/500 and 300/300V
Max long term working temperature allowed by cable conductor
Other Type--------------70°C
Enviroment temperature of laying should be not less than 0°C
Bending radius of cable: D≤25mm--------≥4D
D>25mm-----≥6D(D-outer diameter of cable)


Cable Structure:

Aluminium Electrical Wires 16Mm Electric Wire And Cable

Type and Name: 




60227IEC01(BV)cable with hard single conductor,without sheath for general purposeGB/T 5023-2008
60227IEC02(RV)cable with soft single conductor,without sheath for general purpose

cable with solid single conductor,without sheath at 70℃ of conductor temperature

 for interior wiring


cable with soft single conductor ,without sheath at 70℃ of conductor temperature

 for interior wiring


cable with solid single conductor ,without sheath at 90℃ of conductor temperature 

for interior wiring


cable with soft single conductor ,without sheath at 90℃ of conductor temperature 

for interior wiring

60227IEC10(BVV)light type with PVC sheathGB/T 5023.4-2008
60227IEC52(RVV)light type soft wire with PVC sheathGB/T5023.5-2008

common soft wire with PVC sheath

soft cable with oil-proof and shielding ,PVC sheath GB/T5023.7-2008
60227IEC75(RVVY)soft cable with oil-proof and non-shielding ,PVC sheath 
BVwire with copper core,PVC insulation
BLVwire with aluminum core PVC sheath
BVRsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation
BVVround cable with copper core,PVC insulation
BLVVround type cable with aluminum  core,PVC insulationJB/T8734.2-2016
BVVBflat type cable with cu core,PVC insulation
BLVVBflat type cable with al core,PVC insulation
RVSsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation,stranding and connectionJB/T8734.3-2016
RVBsoft wire with PVC insulation,flat without sheath
RVVsoft cable with PVC insulation and PVC sheath
RVPsoft wire with cu core,PVC insulation and shieldingJB/T8734.5-2016
RVP-90soft wire with cu core heating-resisting 90℃,PVC insulation and shielding
RVVPsoft cable with cu core,PVC insulation and shielding,PVC sheath

Note:1.we also produce the cables with ROHS standard,removal of lead,cadmium,mercury hexavalent chromium,

polybrominated biphenylpbdes substances may cause harm to human body health,to be no heavy metals,

environmental friendly,non-toxic.
2.Prefix AZ-,ZB-,ZC- is added to the original type for indication of flame retardant cable,for example ZB-RVVP(Soft cable with cu core,PVC insulation,PVC sheath,shielding and B-Class flame retardance.
3.Prefix NH- is added to the original type for for indication of fire resistant cable,for example NH-BV(Wire with Cu core,

PVC insulation and fire resistance),ABN-BVR(soft cable with cu core,PVC insulaiton,B-Class flame retardant and fire resistance)



We can provide competitive price and spot supply. 



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16mm electrical cable price/2 core 16mm pvc cable/electric wire and cable 16mm




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16mm electrical cable price/2 core 16mm pvc cable/electric wire and cable 16mm




Aluminium Electrical Wires 16Mm Electric Wire And Cable

1).Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

 A:We are professional manufacture,research,development and sales of military and consumer Cables &Wires.cables and cable compounds.Our main brands CHANGQIGNTENG various kinds of products: High-temperature cable, Rubber cable, Aerial cable , XLPE/LSZH power cable, Hook up wire , Photovaltic( PV) salor cable , UL electronic cable,Mining cable and so on.

Our company is located in  DEZHOU city, SHANDONG province,China.


2).Q:What is your company's advantages?

 A:We are a stable wire and cable supplier of China's aerospace and military,21 years experience,ISO,UL and Rohs certificabed,cable compounds produced by ourselves,This is how we keep superior quality and competitive offers for global valued customers.


3).Q:How do you guarantee your product quality?

A:Quality is our priority,we treat quality control as the first most important thing from the very beginning to the very end.In design,materials procurement,manufacturing semi-finished products testing,finished product inspection such as strick control to ensure product quality.


4).Q:What's the application of your products?

A:Our products are widely used to construction,industrial,marine,military,aerospace,power station,railway,telecommunication,undeground,equipment and so on.



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