25mm Electric Cable

IEC60227 300/500V 450/750V H07V-U H05V-U H05V2-U Single Core Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Non-sheath Cable Structure figure Application The building electric wire can be applied to the copper(aluminum)-core cables in the rated A/C voltage of 450/750V and the below power,...
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25mm electric cable/25mm cable price/copper armoured cable 4 core 25mm

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25mm electric cable/25mm cable price/copper armoured cable 4 core 25mm


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Super power electric cu conductor 25mm 2 core 16mm pvc cable


1.2 core 16mm pvc cable
2.PVC Insulated and Jacket Power Cable
3.CCC Certification



1.Voltage Uo/U 0.6/1KV

2.Long-time working temperature should be lower than 70°Cshould not be lower than 0°C.

3.Minimum bending radius: minimum bending diameter is two times of cable diameter while test binding 

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Strandard: TICW/02-2009
Voltage: 0.6/1KV

Specification:2 core 16mm2 25mm2

Length: 500M 1000M


2 core 16mm pvc cable has good features such as resistance to high temperature, oil, water, wearing, acid, alkali, corrosion.

Widely used as transmitting electricity and power distributing cable in chemistry, petroleum, generating power and metallurgy industry.

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Certifications: CE, ISO9000/14000, CCC, IEC, BS, VDE




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