Electrical Cable 2.5 Mm

H07V-K H05V-K H05V2-K , 300/500V 450/750V,Flexible copper conductor, PVC insulated, Single Core, Non-sheath PVC cable Structure Figure : 1. Voltage rating: 450/750V for above 1.5mm², 300/500V for below 1mm² 2. Standard applied:IEC60227,BS6500,VDE0281,GB/T5023,JB/T8734 3. Max. working temp.:70°C,...
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Product Details

electrical cable 2.5 mm/2.5mm electrical cable price/2.5 mm electrical wire

product Feature:

It is able to withstand the electric power corresponding to the expected short-circuit current. 

This 300mm single core cable comes with top quality material, which has many years to come.

It is able to work well under the bad condition.

it has good corrosion resistance, which can be used in wet salt and alkali.


Product Description:

This 300mm single core cable is widely used for its good insulation performance, high chemical stability and adaptability to harsh environments. We adopt the most advanced material in order to make sure that the cable has certain flexibility. On the other hand, it is able to resist the damage caused by external heavy pressure and foundation settlement. We feature the excellent physical foam production line in order to improve cable product quality. It will not interfere with the information transmitted by the signal. Compared with general cable, this 300mm single core cable has better resistance to external signal interference.




electrical cable 2.5 mm/2.5mm electrical cable price/2.5 mm electrical wire


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3. Executive Standard

JB/T8734-2012, GB/T5023-2008.

2.5 mm RV BV BLV BLVV BVV BVR pvc insulated electric wire ac power cord cable

TypeConductor structureConductor overall diameter 
Insulation thickness
Sheath thickness
Reference overall diameter
Reference weight 
Maxmium DC resistance at 20℃
Minimum insulation resistance at 70℃ (MΩ·km)Testing voltage (kV/min)Peak travtion (N)Reference FOB price 
Rated voltage
2.560227 IEC 01 BV1/1.781.780.8-3.532.87.410.012.5/51750.264450/750V
60227 IEC 07 BV1/1.781.780.8-3.532.87.410.009(90°C)2/51750.266300/500V
60227 IEC 02 RV49/
60227 IEC 08 RV49/°C)2/51750.27

Workshop:  we are the 19 years Electric wire & power cable factory.








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