Electrical Cable 2.5 Mm

H07V-K H05V-K H05V2-K , 300/500V 450/750V,Flexible copper conductor, PVC insulated, Single Core, Non-sheath PVC cable Structure Figure : 1. Voltage rating: 450/750V for above 1.5mm², 300/500V for below 1mm² 2. Standard applied:IEC60227,BS6500,VDE0281,GB/T5023,JB/T8734 3. Max. working temp.:70°C,...
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electrical cable 2.5 mm/2.5mm electrical cable price/2.5 mm electrical wire

Product Description



electrical cable 2.5 mm/2.5mm electrical cable price/2.5 mm electrical wire


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PVC insulated cables and wires and cords of rated voltage up to and including 450V/750V

1. Application

The product is suitable for fixed wiring. It is used in power device, household electrical appliance, instrument, lighting etc with AC rated voltage up to and including 450V/750V.

2. Operating Characteristic

1) The rated voltage U0/U: 450V/750

2) The long time allowable working temperature of conductor is not more than 70 °C

3) The ambient temperature for installation is no less than 0 °C. The bending radius of a cable should not be less than 4 times of cable overall diameter below 25mm and 6 times of that for cable overall diameter no less than 25mm.

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3. Executive Standard

JB/T8734-2012, GB/T5023-2008.

2.5 mm RV BV BLV BLVV BVV BVR pvc insulated electric wire ac power cord cable

TypeConductor structureConductor overall diameter 
Insulation thickness
Sheath thickness
Reference overall diameter
Reference weight 
Maxmium DC resistance at 20℃
Minimum insulation resistance at 70℃ (MΩ·km)Testing voltage (kV/min)Peak travtion (N)Reference FOB price 
Rated voltage
2.560227 IEC 01 BV1/1.781.780.8-3.532.87.410.012.5/51750.264450/750V
60227 IEC 07 BV1/1.781.780.8-3.532.87.410.009(90°C)2/51750.266300/500V
60227 IEC 02 RV49/
60227 IEC 08 RV49/°C)2/51750.27

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