PVC Insulated, Non-Sheathed Cable 450 / 750V, BS EN50525-2-31, IEC60227

450/750V CU/PVC, Single core pvc insulated non-sheathed cable
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PVC Insulated Non-Sheathed Cable 450 / 750V, BS EN50525-2-31, IEC60227

1)This product adapt to AC rated voltage (Uo/U)450/750 and below power, household appliances, instruments, small power tools,power lighting, etc.

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2)Cable construction:

pvc insulated cable 01.JPG

pvc insulated cable.jpg

--Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper, Class 1

                  or Stranded Copper Conductor, Class 2

--Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

                  Compound Type C

--Insulation Colour: Black, Green/Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Brown, Grey or Others

3)Reference Standards

--Design Specification: BS EN50525-2-31, IEC60227,MS2112-3

--Conductor: IEC60228, BS EN60228

--Flame Retardancy: IEC60332-1, BS EN60332-1

-Electrical Charteristics 

--Operating Voltage, Uo/U: 450/750V

--Operating Temperature: -15ºC to 70ºC

--Final Short Circuit Temperature: 160ºC for cable <300mm2

                                                      140ºC for cable >300mm2

--Test Voltage: 2.5kV for 5 minutes

4)Specification and size


Shandong New Luxing cable Co.,Ltd

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-1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/....24 cores

2. Our factory have Tengzhou, Dezhou and Wuxi city three production bases and current employees more than 700 people.

3. Our cables in good quality standard and passed CE,ISO9000/14000,CCC,IEC,BS,AWM/AWG standard authentication.

4. Our company had fixed partnership with SGCC&STATE GRID CORPORATION OF CHINA(China largest power enterprise) and many other our country State-owned big enterprises.

5. And supply IEC/BS/VDE standard cable wire electrical & power cable to Africa( Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe...), Southeast Aisa(Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia...), East Asia(Korea...), South America(Brazil...), Europe(Czech republic...) market.


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