Flexible Rubber Cable

flexible rubber cable 1)H07RN-F rubber insulated flexible cable
2)PVC sheath double insulated flexible cable10mm2 35mm2 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 welding cable
3)Submersible Pump Water Resistant Cable
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Product Details

flexible rubber cable

rubber cable (2)

Product features:

The performance of the product itself, in the whole process of use convenient and practical;Can be widely used in a variety of places.

Waterproof rubber sheathed cable with aluminum plastic composite belt, according to different waterproof grade can be used in different water environment.Generally suitable for underwater and perennial humid environment.Ordinary cables do not.

Waterproof rubber-sheathed cable can be used for transmission of submersible motor with ac voltage up to 500V.

Waterproof rubber sheathed cable can withstand frequent movement, good bending performance.Especially in long-term immersion and large water pressure, with good electrical insulation performance.

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